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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 2, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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thanks for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. we have team coverage this morning. abc7 news reporter kera clapper is live in napa where a flood warning is in effect. nick smith is live at the pier in pacifica. we will begin with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi, everyone. the rain is in the north bay. it has been gusting and wind gusts up to 50 miles an hour at the airport. as we look at live doppler 7hd right now we see the heavy returns up through highway 101, cloverdale and ross. all this will continue to sink southward. here we are in the southern marin county, richmond, lighter rain to the east and berkeley. not quite reaching the east bay in concord. taking you into alamo. also lafayette and light shower activity. if you are not feeling the rain, you are feeling the wind. a little bit better returns here up from south san francisco, daly city, san bruno.
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pretty quiet in the south bay except for morgan hill and gilroy some shower activity. winds gusting to 49 miles an hour at sfo. a wind warning in effect. and oakland, 36 miles an hour. you can see all across the bay area, santa rosa from 41 miles an hour to san jose. we have the wind, we have the rain, we have a flash flood watch through the evening hours. so the heaviest rain will continue to sink to the south of us throughout the morning hours and the wind advisory is up through noon today. we are looking at south winds anywhere from 20 to 30 miles an hour and we are seeing the gusts already up to 50 miles an hour. so here we are on track to see the heaviest rain from the north bay into the central bay within the next hour. so stay with us. we will keep you updated. carolyn. >> thank you, lisa. with all that going on and this series of storms the rivers are rising throughout the bay area. there's a flat warning this morning for the napa river. that's where abc7 news reporter
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kera clapper joins us live. how is it looking so far? >> good morning, carolyn. this early in the morning things aren't looking too bad which is a good thing, which doesn't mean there aren't concerns later today. adam shows you the river. there are carrying estimates right now about when and where the napa river will overflow. it was expected to reach flood stage in the city of napa about noon today but that estimate has been pushed back to anywhere between 1:00 p.m. and 6:00 this morning. north of napa, however, in saint helena, the river could rise above flood stage about noon. water heights could be anywhere between 25 and 27 feet. we also have some video to show you we took about an hour ago. as lisa was mentioning, wind is a problem this morning. you can see it whipping downtown napa, blowing oftennings and at businesses. this sandbag operation you can see the rain whipping the rain,
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and blowing it horizontally. we have a picture from the river valley napa reports. what you are seeing are remnants from what used to be cottages. the resort was evacuated yesterday afternoon. 37 modular cottages were moved in preparation for this big storm. also as a precaution the city of napa has closed the downtown river walk promenade, veterans park and the preserve, all to prepare for the big storm that is expected today. for now, live in downtown napa, kera clapper, abc7 news. >> thank you. sonoma county fire department is telling us they have already respond today half-dozen downed trees this morning. one collapsing on to a house in petaluma. two came down yesterday, closing this stretch of napa's redwood road, creating a 45 minute dedoor for locals. the trees took out power lines
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on their way down leaving 50 homes without electricity. the wind and the rain are bringing high surf advisories this morning. abc7 news reporter nick smith is live in pacifica where the waves are pounding the pier. nick, the wind has picked up there, as well. >> carolyn, the wind pounding me, not just the pier. >> well, we are having problems there with nick as he was talking about how he was getting pounded by the wind as well. we will try to get back to him in just a few. right now pg&e reports three major power outages and numerous smaller problems all over the bay area. the biggest outage is in larkspur, where more than 2300 homes and businesses are in the dark. pg&e is checking the cause. richmond has two outages, leaving about 2,000 customers off-line and two outages in vacaville affecting 700
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customers. pg&e doesn't have an estimate when power might be restored in all of those outages. flood warnings are in effect for the russian river expected to reach flood stage early tomorrow morning at gurnville. it is forecast to reach flood stage at about 32 feet around 2:00 tomorrow morning. it is expected to crest at 35 feet around noon. and the petaluma river may also reach flood stage within a few hours. this video from friday shows an industrial avenue parking lot that is always the first spot to flood. petaluma fire department says it will be out patrolling and is not going to issue any further statements, but if more flooding does occur, they will respond to calls for assistance. so residents are urged to call 911 if they need help with flooding. how about the sierra? the truckee river is expected to
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be at flood stage about now. the national weather service said the river could crest four feet above flood stage. it's expected to stay above flood stage until 8:00 tonight. we will be tracking the storm all morning long. here is a live look right now at doppler 7 hd. you can see the heaviest areas there are the ones with the green, i guess that would be no sought toe and in that direction coming toward san francisco. our meteorologist lisa argen will have the very latest in just a few minutes. in other news this morning, san francisco fire officials say the cause of a fire that destroyed a historic building near the zoo is suspicious. flames poured out of the flyshacker pool out yesterday afternoon. when crews arrived a decision was made to battle the fire from the outside only. >> the heavy fire in the upper areas, ceiling space of this building. upon arrival i went into defensive operation right away.
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this is an abandoned building. no reason for any life hazards to be concern. >> the tiled roof on the pool house collapsed during the fire. one firefighter was slightly injured. police have released a suspect step for their first homicide in 40 years. they are searching for that man, describe the as white or hispanic in his early 20s with dark hair and dark eyes. the victim was the former owner of the mountain winery. his wife called police at 1:30 friday morning. she said an intruder killed her husband, attack her and ransack her home. she was treated at the hospital for her injuries. coming up, meteorologist lisa argen continues to track the storm. also, how yesterday shocking murder-suicide by a kansas city chiefs player will affect the team's game scheduled to go ahead in just a few hours.
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and a man suffering from cancer has his dog stolen, but this morning, thanks to an abc7 news report, the dog is back in his arms. we will have the
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>> good morning to you. this is a live look outside. it's san jose where temperatures are in the 60s. the wind is gusting to 25 miles an hour. so farrellively dry in the south bay. contrast that to the north bay where you can see the yellow and the darker shade here of that orange. we've got the very heavy rain up in the north bay from windsor. highway 1301, santa rosa. you can see the heavier rain in the darker green all throughout
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much of the north way and further south. novato, berkeley, a little heavier cell about to move into the east pay from concord to alamo. 580 and 80, the west weather. and back into san francisco, not only the wet weather, but we've had wind gusts up to 50 miles an hour. we have the flash flood watch, the wind advisory. not a lot going on right now in the south bay. but we are still looking at the rivers and streams from the santa cruz mountains up to the north. the napa river and up in gurnville as well because the rain will continue to sink to the south. wind advisory up until noontime, 51 miles an hour at the airport. we have wind, rain, the possibility of flooding and several hours of heavy rain coming our way. carolyn. >> thank you, lisa. you just talked about the wind so there are high surf advisories this morning. abc7 news reporter nick smith is in pacifica. let's try this again, nick. how is this going? >> carolyn, it's going well. i want to apologize for the
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technical issue. we are finding out just how strong the winds are. we were a victim of the wind. it blew out our signal. i want to give you an idea how strong the winds were. if i was not more than, let's just say 110 pounds >> think i would be over the edge right now. the winds are really strong. by my little an momter, it looks like we are 41 to 47 miles an hour. the big story right now is the wind. the rain just started. i want you to take a look and see these waves carving crashing against the shore. just to give you some perspective, this is how it could impact us. winds and the combination of the rain could cause things to get a little hectic out there. in addition, driving could also become a bit of a challenge. there is a wind advisory in effect and the storm, when the rain starts, is expected to draw between three and seven inches in the higher elevations. now flash flooding watching is in effect for this area and for the entire north bay and coastal area from san francisco to santa
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cruz. now today's storm is expected to have just as much water as the second storm. although it is expected to move through much faster. again, right now we are just experiencing the wind and the rain combination starts so right now i'm taste ago lot of the saltness in the area. but the big story in pacifica is indeed the wind. carolyn, we will continue to monitor this situation and provide you with updates throughout the morning. we are live in pacifica. nick smith, abc7 news. >> left to your own device there, nick. thank you. in other news this morning, the nfl kansas city chief are expected to say in a few hours one day after one of the chief's players shot and killed the mother of his three-month-old daughter and then turned the gun on himself outside the team's headquarters. tom reports. >> the murder-suicide brought disbelief, shock and grief. what drove kansas city chief
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linebacker to shoot his live in girlfriend and mother of his three-month-old daughter? then he drove to arrowhead stadium where the general manager and head coach and other team personnel were in the parking lot. after thanking them for all they had done for him, the 25-year-old turned the gun on himself. >> the coaches said when he pulled up he was -- they were never in danger. he never threatened them or anything. they talked for a little bit and that's when he shot himself. >> his coach at the university of maine said belcher was a positive influence. >> i'm hard-pressed to find or recall a young man who had more of an impact in a positive way on his teammates and his football family in my time here. >> in belcher's hometown in west battle in new york, family and friends were shaken and tried to console one another. >> a family man, a loving person. >> he was like somebody to look up to around here. >> the chiefs released this statement declaring the entire chiefs family is deeply sad
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ended by today's events and our collective hearts are heavy with sympathy for family and friends about this unthinkable tragedy. the chiefs will host their game sunday as scheduled. abc news, new york. new this morning a college football fan is hospitalized in north carolina after falling 40 feet from the fourth level of bank of america stadium in charlotte. it happened during the acc championship game between florida state and georgia tech. the 22-year-old florida man landed on a grassy area below the ramp that fans use to get to the upper level. police say it appears to be accidental. it's the first such incident at this stadium where the carolina panthers play. the edge of america's fiscal cliff is getting closer. can congress reach a deal in time to head off huge spending cuts and higher taxes for everybody? treasury secretary timothy geithner discusses potential
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impacts on the economy as the high stakes political poker game plays out on capitol hill. it's all coming up on abc this week with george stephanopoulos right here on abc7. a san francisco man and his lost service dog are back together this morning. it's a story you will see only on abc7 news. >> good girl! oh, my sweetness! >> we first brought you the story nearly two weeks ago after someone stole his best friend and constant companion from outside the davis medical center. he took lola, a four-year-old yorkshire terrier everywhere, including to his dialysis appointments. his neighbor tracy took up the cause to find lola and got an e-mail yesterday. >> a woman said i found a dog running around lake merit in oakland and i could tell it was probably lost.
5:17 am
i brought it home and i think it's your dog. >> thank you everybody so much! >> and it was, indeed, lola. the woman who found the dog called us first, and we gave her the neighbor tracy's e-mail. so quite the reunion there. we are so happy for him. lisa argen, our meteorologist, is here. this is a morning to really concentrate on the weather. >> jaresly. the wind is really blowing out there. we have a wind advisory through noontime and a flood watch. here's a look at the golden gate bridge. we are still anticipating the very heavy rain sinking down from the north. so it's on its way the next three to five hours. we will see a rough go of it around the bay. i'll detail that coming up. >> also ahead, the warriors, well, they are trying to stay in first place. i'm not sure who is playing there. it's definitely not my warriors. but they need a win over the visiting pacers. they did last night anyway. mike shumann will
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have a wind gust up to 58 miles an hour. the heaviest rain in the north bay. live doppler 7hd. look at these yellows. in fact we've had so much rain hitting our radar on top of mount saint helena. we've had to change the elevation. very, very happy rain from clear lake down through could be mountain, santa rosa, and into martinez and vacaville. you see the darker shading green right here. so that heavy rain beginning to sink south into the east bay from richmond and berkeley, continue ron. you see the rain all throughout high bay 1, highway 101 through san francisco. and the winds are common over 40 to 45 miles an hour. into the east bay the rain is picking up from 580, grizzlies peak boulevard, emeryville and
5:32 am
walnut creek. no one is spared in the south bay. the rain a little bit lighter from the peninsula over to the east bay. but still it's getting wet from union city, 880 and 680 and down through the south bay right now. so as i said before, if you are not feeling the effects of the rain right now, you are certainly feeling the effects of the wind. 20 to 25 americans gusts from livermore to san jose. but look at the coast. 51 miles an hour. so those planes aren't going anywhere this morning. wind gusts in hayward near 40 miles an hour. wind advisory during noontime and flash flood watch the evening hours. we will see the rises in streams and creeks after the heaviest rain and perhaps some debris flow. mudslides are possible as well. be very careful and best advice, stay inside. carolyn. >> thank you, lisa. you know the gusty winds from the pacific storms are kicking up the waves all along the bay area beaches, describingerring high surf advisories this morning.
5:33 am
nick smith is live in pacifica where people want to come out and watch the waves pound the pier but what's going on? >> carolyn, i'm going to tell you that's not going to happen today. in fact, if you take a look over my shoulder you see the pier would ordinarily be open right now but they have it locked and closed. if you look closer, carolyn, you will see why. wind is so strong here at pacifica that the water and waves are crashing against one side and you can see it spraying to the other. that's the big story right now, carolyn, wind. take a look at that water. i want you to get an idea what we are dealing with and for perspective this is how it could impact us. winds in common with saturated soils with days of rain could lead to downed trees and power lines. in addition, driving could also become a challenge. there's a wind advisory in effect and the storm, the wind, the rain starts and is expected to drop between three to seven inches at the higher elevations. now where we are right now we've
5:34 am
been told to look out for flash flatting, a flash flatting watch is in effect for the entire north bay and coastal areas from san francisco down to saint cruise. the storm is expected to have just as much water as the second storm did, although it's expected to move through much more quickly. it doesn't look like that is the case right now. again, the best thing that i can tell you right now is that the wind has really just picked up. i had my little an momter out here earlier and it says 41 to 47 miles an hour. but now i'm just going to defer to lisa because i have to believe it's stronger. right now i have the luxury of having a little shelter freetier building but when i step back i definitely feel a completely different story. the wind and everything definitely creates a different narrative. once again we are live in pacifica. we will continue to follow the situation here and i'll send it back to you in the studio. >> good thing you are a big guy, nick. all right. with this series of storms, the
5:35 am
rivers are rising throughout the bay area. there's a flood warning this morning for the napa river. that's where abc7 news reporter kera clapper is joining us live. what can you tell us this morning? >> well, carolyn, as i said about a half-hour ago, the wind is really picking up here. the rain has been steady. it's not very strong. but when the wind comes through and just gives you that gust, it feels really sharp and it's coming kind of diagonally right now. the main concern here is the river. so i'll get out of the way and let adam show it to you. there are conflicting reports this morning about when and where the napa river will overflow. original reports were that it would overflow about noon today. that's been pushed back to about five or six this evening. north of napa in saint helena another concern the river could rise about noon today. water heights could be anywhere between 25 and 27 feet. let's get back to that wind. as nick mentioned, as lisa mentioned, as carolyn mentioned,
5:36 am
we have video from the wind whipping through downtown napa about an hour and a haling a blowing oftennings and decorations at businesses. at a self-serve sandbag location the wind is blowing the rain all over the sand and the bags. we have the scene this morning from what looks like an empty parking lot with debris in it. what that it is river point napa valley resort, those are remnants from what used to be 37 modular cottages. they were moved late last evening in preparation for this dig storm number three. and also as a precaution as the rain starts to become a little more heavy, the city of napa has closed the river walk prom anade and the park so people can stay indoors today. >> stay indoors and keep it tuned to abc7 news. coming up next, a new climate change report puts much of the bay area under water a lot sooner than you might think.
5:37 am
scenes like this could soon become commonplace. and we've got a live look right now from our emeryville camera showing you, yes, it is raining there and windy. lisa argen will have your forecast in just
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>> welcome back, everyone. it is 5:40 on this sunday morning. this is a live look at the san mateo bridge. as you see there, there is a high wind advisory for all bridges around the bay area. breaking news on the richmond-san rafael bridge. the chp is saying the wild wind has indeed played a role in a big rig accident that has blocked all lanes eastbound. again, a high wind advisory for all bay area bridges. a new un climate change report said the sea level could be rising faster than previously thought. that's especially troubling for those living and working near the edge of the bay. abc7 news reporter jonathan bloom has more on the extreme floodings danger that could be just around the corner. at high tide this partially
5:41 am
submerged staircase along san francisco's embarcadero is an eerie reminder of the inches that separate dry land from water. in 2008 the bay water surged over these walls, flooding streets and sidewalks, much like they did in 2002. now with scientists telling the united nations that sea level is rising faster than current models predicted, this could be happening much more often. >> today's flood is going to be tomorrow's high tide. so we need to get ready for those kinds of changes. a deeper bay, a bay with bigger waves and more frequent flooding. >> california's bacon serve of servation and development area is in charge making maps showing the areas of flooding if the sea rises 16 inches, predicted for 2015 but now maybe sooner. >> believe it or not, san francisco's waterfront will be among the last parts of the
5:42 am
bay to flood thanks in part to careful engineering. but they caution if walls like these aren't ball along other areas of the shoreline, whole communities could end up under water. >> areas like foster city. all could be under water by mid-century, maybe sooner. >> a lot of people could be displaced. this is very expensive property down here. >> you think rankin sells a lot of flights now, in a few decades the oakland and san francisco parents could be shutting down runways with every storm. >> that's crazy. those are two main airports so that had be shocking if that happened. >> levees, sea walls and pumps will need to be installed and not take it lightly. >> we should take the time and do it right but we probably need to move more quickly than we thought we do. >> jonathan bloom i can't feel 7 news. >> this is a busy, busy weather time. our meteorologist lisa argen here now talking about wind,
5:43 am
rain. >> yes. at 2,000 feet in san jose, wind gusts of 58 miles an hour. so we've got wind and heavy rain in the north bay. here's a look at the toll plaza right now. lighter rain in the east bay but you are feeling 20 to 40 miles an hour wind gusts. that's why there's the wind advisory, a flash flood watch and very heavy rain headed your way in the next couple hours. i'll time it out next. >> and also ahead, working to save a national treasure. the effort to restore the san joaquin river and return the salmon to their former home. [ boy 1 ] hey! that's the last crescent. oh, did you want it? yea we'll split it. [ female announcer ] made fresh, so light, buttery and flakey. that's half that's not half! guys, i have more! thanks mom
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>> welcome back, everyone >> it's 5:46. this is a live look at pacifica, where there is a high surf advisory and the pier is closed because of all this rain and wick wind. in the central valley near
5:46 am
merced scientists and environmentalists are working to save what they describe as a national stretch you are. the restoration of the san joaquin river is a story we've been reporting on for years now. abc7 news reporter mark matthews went along to witness a historic milestone. >> scientists with the california department of fish and game are on a rescue mission. they are trapping chinook salmon in this part of the river near merced in an effort to restore these fish to a river that's being brought back to life. >> this is an important milestone in the san joaquin river conservation program. >> he explains this is part of a decades long effort to restore the san joaquin river, which used to be the home waters for chinook salmon. old-timers who grew up on the river say the spring salmon runs were something to see. >> you could run across their backs and not touch the water. >> he is talking about gravely
5:47 am
ford. this is that part now. it's dried up, been like this for most of the past 60 years. ever since the dam was built in the 1940s to block up the san joaquin and to divert the river water into channels to irrigate central valley farms from bakersfield and on. the fish just weren't that big of a consideration. but in 1988 the salmon caught a break. the natural resources defense council led a coalition of environmental efforts and fishermen in a lawsuit against the government-run dam and the water district and in 2006 they reach a settlement. now the first salmon are being truck around the dry beds and other obstacles 160 miles upstream to be reintroduced in the river below the dam because by next spring the scientists believe the last of the details will be sorted out. >> when we have these easements in place we will have the river all year round in perpetuity,
5:48 am
and that's exciting. >> california fish and game hope the fall-run salmon will spawn and produce off spring but just to make sure they are scooping eggs from some of the females and artificially spawning them. the young will be raised in pens below the dam and then released. >> and hopefully get out to the ocean, mature and come back and spawn in approximately three years. >> by then the river should be restored from fresno to san francisco bay. safe to say that growers who have relied on the water to irrigate their crops are not happy will the fish. walt has heard plenty from his neighbors. >> they are telling me to go back to san francisco and i'm a farmer here raising, born and raced here in the valley. >> he supports restoration of the river. he believes it will recharge the underground aquifer and bring back california salmon fishery. >> there's ocean farmers and land farmers and we can coexist. there's enough water for everybody but not enough for everybody's agreed. that's the problem, agreed. >> he talks of compromise and
5:49 am
after years of fighting that's what we are seeing on the san joaquin river. just as another water war is heating up. one over the governor's plan to built a delta tunnel to ship northern california water south. in the newsroom, mark matthews, abc7 news. >> we have breaking news from san francisco right now. one person is confirmed dead after a multi-car crash on northbound 280 near the eastmoor exit. two trucks and a car is involved. the chp is on the scene right now. all lanes there are blocked. we will keep you updated and we don't know if this was storm related or not, but we do know there's a high wind advisory out there and that it's raining like crazy. >> and the south bay just at about 1500 feet, wind gusts to 63 miles an hour. at the surface we are at 30 to 45 miles an hour, no problem. up in the north bay the-rest
5:50 am
rain continues to be there. as we head outside this is the south way right now where lighter returns in san jose with 63 degrees, southeast winds and gusting to 74. go up a couple hundred feet or a thousand feet and you are getting close to hurricane force winds. up in napa you see the wind blowing the rain sideways there. not only do we have this the next several hours, it is still locked up in the extreme north bay. we look at live doppler 7 hd, this shows you the darker yellow, the reds where the rain is coming down at a good clip. right now this is where the cold front is. so just south of clear language around santa rosa, woodland and pushing south through vacaville. the east bay is getting wet but i wanted to show you these winds. novato up to 41 miles an hour and napa over that and santa rosa 38 miles an hour wind gusts over into the east bay where the rain is pushing in 51 miles an
5:51 am
hour wind gusts at the airport and the coast is over 32 miles an hour. so here's a look at the north bay and the east bay where the rain continues to sink south from highway 101 to tiberon and look it here. we will zoom in and you notice around sycamore valley road we are getting some moderate to heavy rain south of anywhere -- miranda. and lighter rain here but the bridges are welt and they are dangerous with the gusty winds from the san mateo bridge, the dumbarton bridge. light returns through milpitas, and sunnyvale light rain and into campbell. but here, too, you have the very gusty winds. it will take through about 12:00 the front pushes through. the santa cruz mountains, boulder creek, and morgan hill just a few light showers. lower 60s right now with the gusty south winds. the flash flood watch taking us
5:52 am
through the evening hours and the heaviest rain the first half the day. then we get the rises in the streams and creeks. already a downed tree reported newspaper sonoma county. wind gusts there up to 60 miles an hour. the wind advisory could be extended but right now it's until noon. heaviest rain will sink south through the bay area in the next two to four hours. look how quickly it clears behind it. we are talking sunshine and calm witnesses throughout the latter half of the day but that will last into monday. but we aren't rain free for the next seven days. rainfall estimates still up to five inches up in sonoma county around napa. two to four inches from marin southward. one to two ins the east bay, south bay. and the santa cruz mountains looking at probably four inches of rain. heavy rain and win, a flash flood watch, a wind advisory and the rain and wind diminish this afternoon. that's good news for you for the raiders it should be actually a thing of the past. this is at 1:00. it should be nice out there with numbers in the 60s. i can believe i'm saying all
5:53 am
this in one day. and then down by the monterey day. you will be last to clear. lesser amounts here just because once this front accelerates it will whip on out of here. a little bit of light rain tuesday and wednesday in the north bay and actually high pressure builds in the rest of the work week. that will be nice. >> yes, definitely. all right. thank you, lisa. coming up next, even with all the wet weather, the rain did not keep bay area holiday spirits down
5:54 am
5:55 am
>> despite the rain there were several holiday parades and tree lightings around the bay area last night. take a look at this one in pleasanton. hundreds of people lining main street there for the city's
5:56 am
annual parade a few spectators had their umbrellas open but for the most part the cloud lucked out. there was only occasional drizzle when that parade first kicked off. so we want to see what's going on now. i know lisa said we are, you know, the raiders game may be okay. >> it seems like a long way off, doesn't it, 1:00 in because between now and then, gusty winds and heavy rains. look at the live look now showing the clear lake, vacaville, dirks son. pretty much everyone has rain. if you don't have rain you have this, south winds gusting to 50 miles an hour at the airport. common 20 to 30 miles an hour gusts. the national weather service has just extended this wind advisory through noontime. look at the east bay, emeryville, we are talking just a mess this morning, carolyn warm will keep you updated. >> absolutely. coming up next at six, high winds, heavy rains and flood
5:57 am
warnings. we seeing it all as round three of a series of major storms sweeps through the bay area. next we are live in napa where a rising river is a a bit of a concern this morning. and the other problem is falling trees. they have already caused scattered power outages in some parts of the bay area. >> knew is better. abc7's all knew averages. >> it's smart, it's fun. >> it starts at three. a new daytime talk show with your friends. not just any friend, katie. 4:00, time for abc7 news. happening now. this, this, even this. >> breaking news. >> new right now. >> get the weather. >> katie's new show at three and abc7 news at four. yep. that's better.
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